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about 1 year ago

Round 2: Collaboration, Resources + More To Help You Build

Whether or not you have started building your 5G Edge Computing Challenge Round 2 project, the Slack Channel is the perfect place to connect with other developers! 

Not only can you bounce ideas off each other and ask other developers for technical help, but you can also use the Slack Channel to ask the Devpost team questions!


Already working on your application, but could use a little help? In addition to asking questions in the Slack Channel or Discussion forum, these resources are there to assist and may bring you one step closer to a winning project.

  • Option 1: Have a 4G or 5G-connected Verizon device? Use your existing device to connect to AWS Wavelength endpoints via the Carrier IPs you've attached to your infrastructure. To learn more about Carrier IP, visit the developer guide. 
  • Option 2: Don't have access to a Verizon-connected device? Reach out to our 5G Labs team to learn more about Nova, our remote device testing tool. 
  • Option 3: Want to use your own mobile device? Create an additional subnet in your VPC in the parent region (i.e., non-Wavelength Zone infrastructure) and test your application in the parent region. 

Learn more about the testing options here.

We can’t wait to see your project!


If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum.