Webinar Recordings

We also created this form to ask your technical questions during Round 2.

May 17th webinar:

Q: How can I test the difference in latency between normal zone vs wavelength zone?

A: AWS can provide access to an android app to the hackathon participants to test the latency between Regions and Wavelength zones. The speed test to a wavelength zone endpoint will work only when connected to Verizon network. [Following up on how to provide this access.]

Q: If I have a 5G Device but with a MVNO (Spectrum) using the Verizon network. Can we use it in the challenge?

A: MVNO is not allowed to access the AWS wavelength zones

Q: I would like to know how to access Nova?

A: We are currently working on a method for participants to request the credentials with Verizon. We will inform everyone as soon as we have all the details!

Q: Will you have a demo example to compare the wavelength zone and the local zone?

A: We are focusing this hackathon around AWS wavelength. Most use cases will fit a localzone architecture as well.

Q: Does VPC need to have a private subnet to link with a wavelength zone? Do we need Internet Gateway in the VPC with a link wavelength zone?

A: Any subnet in a Region AZ part of the VPC will be able to route to Wavelength zone subnets. VPC routing will handle that. You need a Public subnet in the Region to reach the ec2 instance from the Public internet.

Q: Do you have data on how much we can reduce the latency because of wavelength?

A: It is dependant on several factors:
1. Device and connectivity type (5G Phone with UWB compared to 4G device with LTE )
2. Location of the device (Washington DC to Virginia region and AWS wavelength zone might not provide a higher latency. On the other hand, devices in Miami to Miami WLZ will get a very good latency compared to going to the Region).

Q: Where can we find all the AWS Wavelength zone locations and their linked regions? AWS wavelength to Internet but using UDP? Authorized too?

A: https://aws.amazon.com/wavelength/locations/ . The type of traffic allowed is here https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/compute/creating-an-ec2-instance-in-the-aws-wavelength-zone/

Q: Can you talk about how we test our submissions if we are not in the US and not a Verizon customer. Any issue to host Windows Server in Wavelength EC2 instances?

A: You can host EC2 windows instance in the wavelength zones. Based on your application you can test from the Region or using Verizon’s nova platform to get remote access to a phone connected to the Verizon’s 5G network.

Q: So the scheduling of a test is only related to virtual devices? If we have a VZ device we are not limited with slot time?

A: You are not limited to testing if you own your own Verizon device. Make sure you have an unlimited data plan so you don’t billed extra for data charges, especially if yours is a data intensive application

Q: From the internet, I can access Nova where I can plumb data to wavelength? Can I do ssh to Nova and put my test data into Nova?

A: Nova platform only exposes remote web connectivity to the devices. Once you check out a device from nova you can install ssh terminal on the phone as a client to log into your instances in the wavelength zones.

Q: Any info on thingspace?

A: Thingspace is a Verizon IOT platform. If your project involves access to thingspace you should contact Verizon thingpsace team directly for additional help. If any additional information is needed let us know.

Q: The direct access to Wavelength Zone via public internet is not allowed (only allowed via carrier service providers), and it is the reason why Saravanan explained many detours. Is that correct?

A: That’s exactly right. You can use this blog for additional details on the protocols allowed from various sources https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/compute/creating-an-ec2-instance-in-the-aws-wavelength-zone/

June 2nd Webinar:

Q: If I have a VZ 5G device and I tested successfully my AWS Wavelength from my personal account, I don't have to schedule anything for testing right? Just working with my devices and app in Wavelength?

A: Yes, that's correct. You can use your own Verizon subscription. Nova is only for participants who are not/cannot be connected to a Verizon Mobile network.

Q: How do I set up an EC2 instance in the wl zone from here in india?

A: Straight from the AWS console. Please use this link

Q: We’re being charged in the wavelength when we set a vpc only, right?

A: You are only charged when you create EC2 resources and send Data out from the AWS wavelength zone. Creating VPC, Subnet, Carrier gateway is not charged.

Q: Testing at the end user mobile application? Would it be at the console too?

A: It depends on your applications. Most applications are tested from the Client side (IOT device, Phones, PC’s etc.,)

Q: Is there a step-by-step guide for deploying the WaveLength Zone?

A: Yes, here is the link 

Q: How would this work for a Windows Server? Can you not connect from a machine in the parent region? 

A: Yes you cannot connect to your Windows Machine through RDP using SSM.

Q: How do you enable the wavelength zone for an AWS account?

A:  You can enable it in your console:

Q: To build an OpenVPN server what type of EC2 instance do you recommend for less than 10 users?

A: It’s in the AWS marketplace . Only 2 users are free. Anything above 2 users you have to pay software license fee. https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace/pp/prodview-y3m73u6jd5srk

Q: Can we use a phone in Nova to simulate an IOT device on the verizon network?

A: Nova platform is a management player giving you access to the Android devices. You cannot simulate an IOT device using the NOVA platform.

Q: How to get your Android app onto the NOVA simulator?

A: Once you get access to the Android Phone through Nova platform you can access any internet websites as you do from your normal Android phone.

Q: Do you recommend deploying an openVPN instance in the Wavelength zone to eventually allow an out-of-network client to access the wavelength where the ap is deployed? For example ATT mobile phone to VZ 5G wavelength or I misunderstood your use case?

A: You can use the Site-to-Site method by installing the open vpn server in the Wavelength zone. But you need  to trigger the initial connection from the Wavelength zone. It becomes a chicken and egg situation. I would not advise this method due to technical complexities  involved.